DISSH Workplace

Location: George Street, Brisbane City
Size: 860m2
Builder: Hallmarc National Projects
Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

Dissh’s relocation from their leafy, light and fresh West End sanctuary to an office tower in George Street, on paper seemed like a step away from the brand they embodied. In reality it was a Dissh-ification of a banal office building. 

From start to finish, Marjorie and Leah were nothing but a pleasure to work with. Nothing was ever ‘too hard’ and their architectural ideas were amazing and cost effective.
— Owner, Dissh

Dissh’s brief was light and bright. They wanted a ‘wow factor’ to the entrance, a stream-lined workflow, a place to entertain and to have a space to let the new season ranges take pride of place.

The lift doors open and it feels like you’ve stepped into a Vogue shoot or a scene from Devil Wears Prada. White floors, white curved batten walls, bright lights and a dazzling mirror ceiling gives you the distinct impression that you’ve entered another realm. 

The collections of clothes and fabric samples add energy and movement to the fit out. White interiors were utilised to allow the product to be the focal point. Informal group meeting and collaborations areas were placed on the East corner, maximising the River views to create a dynamic energy for creative discussion. Formal meeting areas and amenities were placed in the centre of the fitout allowing all workers access to the City views and ample natural light. 

Bringing together fashion and architecture in a literal sense is a dream project. Collaborating with Maree, Lucy and Gretta was fun and dynamic from start to finish. We learnt a lot from the Dissh team and had a blast along the way!

As a company, Dissh has executed many new fitouts and refurbs in its 17 years and we have never had such a seamless experience. Kin delivered us an office, which totally covered our practical needs, and surpassed our creative dreams.
— Owner, Dissh